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2016.08.27 — 08.28 TAIPEI

從零到醫跨域 生醫 創新 論壇



Feel the pulse of the rapidly advancing healthcare industry with our accomplished speakers, a booth alley for startups and up to 1,000 attendees in Taipei City--, Asia’s industry hotspot. With TRANS, we, H. Spectrum, want to provide a platform for healthcare startup founders,  investors, students and professionals to meet and connect.Visit H. Spectrum

It is our vision to boost the trend of healthcare startups and to groom the entrepreneur community in Taiwan. We invite everyone out of various fields and professions to participate in our conference. Since the prevailing mindset in Taiwan is based on the concept of scaling existing business models from 1 to N, we try to seed the concepts of zero to one and thinking outside the box to facilitate creativity and innovation.



關於H. Spectrum

永齡健康基金會所支持的 H. Spectrum 青年翻轉培訓計畫,是專注在健康、醫療、生技、Digital Health等領域的青年培訓平台及創業社群,透過創業課程、實戰演練、業界導師與發表舞台,避免無謂的創新,增加創業成功的機率。more


Meet Healthcare Founders



Learn from Entrepreneurial Idols of the Industry


Pitch & Demo Stage



Discover trends and talents


Booth Alley



Meet healthcare professionals


First-hand Experience



Interact with aspiring startups




DAY1 27/ August
  • Registration & Networking

  • Welcome Address

  • Keynote 1

    Think Out of the Box: How to Flip the Mindset From Expert to Entrepreneur

    ▪ From Doctor to Entrepreneur: How to Improve Health Conditions through Your Startup
    ▪ Speaker: John R. Adler, the inventor of Cyberknife

  • Keynote 2

    Think Out of the Box: How to Flip the Mindset from Expert to Entrepreneur

    ▪ Society or Enterprises?: A social revolution co-created and practiced by our citizens.
    ▪ Speaker: Han Wu, CEO of World Design Capital Taipei

  • Panel 1

    Interdisciplinary Innovation: Critical Successful Factors of Teamwork

    ▪ Localized implementation of cross-disciplinary innovation theory - A case study of a leading Japanese Enterprise.
    ▪ Speaker: Hideyuki HORII, founder of in Tokyo university.
    ▪ From Little League to Major League- How INSIGHT Trains Interdisciplinary Innovators.
    ▪ Speaker: Pei-Ling Liu, director of INSIGHT Center, National Taiwan University.
    ▪ The practice and learning of developing human capital with innovation and maker spirit in multi-disciplinary methodology: A case study of D-School@National Taiwan University.
    ▪ Speaker: Kuei-Yuan Chan,Director of academic affairs of Stanley Wang D-School@NTU, Associate Professor.

  • Rest Time & Networking

  • Panel 2

    Global Accelerators with Local Connections

    ▪ The Landscape of American Corporate Healthcare Ventures.
    ▪ Speaker: Jin Lee, CEO of Qizda.
    ▪ From Taiwan to Silicon Valley: How to Grab the Trend and Opportunity of Medical Device?
    ▪ Speaker: Momoko Kawakami, research fellow of Institute of Developing Economies, Japan.
    ▪ Unmet Need for Brain Treatment: The Revolution & Innovation of Medical Devices from Y Combinator.
    ▪ Speaker: Po-Hao Huang, neurosurgeon of National Taiwan University Hospital.
    ▪ Special host: Qi-Hang Yang, senior consultant of NAR Labs.

  • Pitch 1

    Pitch Arena

  • Panel 3

    Unlimited Possibilities of Biomedical Innovation: Healthcare x Industrial Design

    ▪ The Dialogue between Biotech and Design: the Practice of User Research in Biotech area.
    ▪ Speaker: Chuin-Shan Chen, deputy Director of INSIGHT Center, National Taiwan University.
    ▪ Design for Transformation and Radical Innovation in Long-Term Care Industry.
    ▪ Speaker: Kevin Yang, The Founder of 5% Design Action.

  • Keynote 3

    Unlimited Possibilities of Biomedical Innovation: Healthcare x Grand Company

    ▪ The Entrepreneurship in the Grand Company: How to Connect with the Users and Keep the Thirst for Innovation
    ▪ Speaker:Jeng-rung Chou, director of Medtronic Shanghai innovation center.

DAY2 28/ August
  • Panel 4

    Unlimited Possibilities of Biomedical Innovation: Healthcare x Digital Health

    ▪ The Opportunities and Challenges in Digital Health
    ▪ Speaker:Brian Junling Li, CEO of Juliye Group
    ▪ When Precision Medicine Meets Evidence-Based Medicine
    ▪ Speaker:Chi-Kuan Chen, attending pathologist at Mackay Memorial Hospital

  • Pitch 2

    Pitch Arena

  • keynote 4

    Unlimited Possibilities of Biomedical Innovation: Healthcare x Robotics

    ▪ Robot Factory: Enlarge the Possibilities of Medical Technology in Robotics
    ▪ Speaker:Radhika Mohan Bodduluri, President of Zap

  • Panel 5

    Unlimited Possibilities of Biomedical Innovation: Healthcare x Entrepreneurs.

    ▪ Be Brave and Swim Like Penguin: VR Tech for Swimming Experience
    ▪ Speaker:Nao Kondo, Co-founder of Trybots
    ▪ Denova Science: The Resurface of Beauty through DNSkin
    ▪ Speaker:Daniel Tan, Co-founder & CEO of DeNova Sciences
    ▪ The Iron Man: Phoenix Exoskeleton of Suit X Creates Peoples' Second Life
    ▪ Speaker:Homayoon Kazerooni, director of the lab, Suit X

  • Rest Time & Networking

  • Panel 6

    The Power of Youth and Senior.

    ▪ Youth Power to the Silver Generation about Imagination and Action
    ▪ Speaker:Chih-Liang Yaung,  founder of Acting Aging Association.
    ▪ Speaker:Ho-Chieh Lo, associate manager,business operations at Yahoo!

  • Panel 7

    The Experience of Top Startup Accelerator

    ▪ How Y Combinator Choose Healthcare startup and Investment to Find the Next Unicorn
    ▪ Speaker: Adora Cheung,  Partner at Y Combinator

  • Panel 8

    The Future Starts Today

    ▪ Robots like you and I : 2Mar Robotics in human's everyday lives
    ▪ Speaker:Marita Cheng, founder of 2Mar Robotics
    ▪ Better walking to the future: Reinventing healthcare bottom up
    ▪ Speaker:Partha Unnava, CEO & Founder of Better Walk
    ▪ The Iron Yard Venture: Accelerating the healthcare revolution
    ▪ Speaker:Marty Bauer, managing Director at The Iron Yard


Meet Global Healthcare Founders in Asia!


Call for Healthcare Startups.
Attract worldclass investors!



What is TRANS about?

Our vision is to provide a platform for healthcare founders, investors, students and professionals to meet and connect in Asia’s industry hotspot.

When is TRANS?

27-28 AUGUST, 2016

Where is TRANS?

Huashan 1914 Creative Park, No.1, Sec. 1, Bade Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Who attends TRANS?

Startup founders, entrepreneurs, investors and everyone interested in the healthcare field are welcome.

Refund / Cancellation

Unfortunately the tickets are not refundable. If you can find someone who would be interested to attend the event instead of you, we can change the information of your ticket for another person as long as we are informed to us by August 20.


Citizens of many countries including US, EU & Canada will receive a Visa on arrival. For further information, please check with your local Taiwanese embassy.


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